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3M HFE-7100(九氟丁基甲醚)新一代導熱液

3M Novec Engineered Fluid HFE-7100 is a clear, colorless, non-flammable and low-odor
dielectric fluid with low toxicity and favorable environmental properties. It is ideal for
use in a variety of heat transfer applications.3M氟化液HFE-7100無色透明,不燃氣味小,不導電毒性小,環境友好,故可以適合不同場所的熱傳導。

Novec fluid HFE-7100 is the first of a new generation of low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) dielectric fluids with many of the properties of perfluorinated liquids. These properties permit its use in many traditional PFC applications such as thermal management in dry etchers, ion implanters and thermal shock test equipment.. 3M氟化液HFE-7100因為溫室效應低,和全氟化合物(PFC)一樣不導電,故可以和全氟氟化液一樣用于半導體蝕刻設備,離子濺射設備和熱沖擊設備作為導熱液

This Novec fluid is an excellent alternative to methylene chloride, trichloroethylene, d-limonene, silicone oils, chlorofluorocarbons and hydrocarbons. The low temperature properties are ideal for applications in freeze drying, reaction control, manufacturing and general process control. 3M氟化液HFE-7100具有的低溫性質可以替代二氯甲烷,三氯乙烯,D-檸檬烯,CFC化合物和碳氫化學物用于冷凍干燥,反應控制,制造及其他工藝控制。

Electronic Cooling電子冷卻液
HFE-7100 fluid is compatible with most electronic components. It is being used for direct contact cooling of computers, transformers and fuel cells. 3M氟化液HFE-7100可以和絕大多電子零部件相容,故可以直接冷卻電腦,變壓器和燃料電池等電子部件。

Food Refrigeration(食品冷凍)
The unique low temperature properties of HFE-7100 fluid make it ideal for use in secondary refrigeration systems. Low viscosity translates into high heat transfer coef?cients and low pumping power requirements. Glide matching with this Novec fluid increases heat transfer effciency and reduces frost formation. 3M氟化液HFE-7100低表面張力,高效導熱性能,不會結冰,故可以用于食品冷凍設備的二次冷卻系統。

3M HFE-7100(九氟丁基甲醚)新一代導熱液,熱力學性質


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