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Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution臺式超聲波電路板清洗解決方案

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution臺式超聲波電路板清洗解決方案

問題:We have a small operation and assemble both leaded and lead free circuit board assemblies.

We currently clean all boards in a bench top ultrasonic cleaning system. What single solution can you recommend for effective cleaning of both of these assembly types in our system?



Ask the Experts Comments專家推薦


推薦1:I am assuming you are using an aqueous solution in the ultrasonic cleaner right now and have a DI water source? Remember even though the focus is on the wash step you are only as clean as your last rinse.

There are several safe and effective solutions available to use in the ultrasonic tool. I can provide you with an aqueous concentrate that will require dilution to @10-20%. The next option is a semi-aqueous solution. This is designed to run at 100% (neat) strength.

Deciding on the right one will require a brief one on one consult with you. I would like to know the flux and/or solder paste you are using and ask a few more questions in regards to the potential for compatibility issues, etc. Please contact me for further information.

我想確認貴司是否是使水基清洗劑清洗,然后讓純水漂洗。如果是這樣,最終漂洗的潔凈程度決定了最終板子的清潔程度。我們目前有多種超聲波清洗劑能夠安全有效地清洗貴司的板子。其中找一種是水基清洗劑Aquanox A4651US,10-20%濃度;另外一種是半水基清洗劑IONOX I3302,100%濃度清洗。



推薦2:Yes, there are aqueous and solvent based cleaning agents that are designed for use in ultrasonic equipment and cleaning both, leaded and lead-free pastes.

However, any recommendation for the right cleaning agent technology depends on the paste brand and i.d. # as well as any sensitive materials used on the board's surface, which need to be considered from a material compatibility standpoint.








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